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Mali’s Touareg revolt: final throes again?

February 26, 2009

For those interested in Mali’s perpetual Touareg troubles: Jamestown has an article on the national army routing the holdout Touareg rebels under Ibrahim ag Bahanga. In related news, Algeria’s ech-Chorouq el-Youmi reports that Bamako is planning to demand Bahanga’s extradition from Libya, where he has been living in exile, presumably with support from the Tripoli regime. That would seem to finish things off for now, but don’t bet on it. Also worth pondering is the reaction of the Brother Leader, since Algerian-Libyan rivalries seem to have had quite an impact on Mali’s north.

Further in Saharan-spheres-of-influence news: Algeria and Nigeria nearing a deal on a major pipeline project, after years of  sweet talk and heavy breathing.


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