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Kabylia, Bengurion Taghine, Moroccan Jews and Israel, or how to give conspiracy theories a bad name

May 31, 2009


For those who are out of the loop, a refresher on the situation in Kabylia: it all boils down to a French-Moroccan-Israeli plot.

The evidence is overwhelming, according to Ennahar – one of the handful of Algerian newspapers to have an English version (I know no Moroccan paper that has one btw – is it part of a conscious move away from the exclusive dominance of French or merely an odd occurence?):

• Mossad agents and U.S. Secret Service participated in Mehenni’s meeting with the Israeli political counsellor.
• Ferhat Mehenni prepares for an international conference in the Canary Islands to proclaim the independence of the region of Kabylia.
• The Jews of Europe support Mehenni’s movement financially

As a Moroccan used to reading Maroc Hebdo and Aujourd’hui Le Maroc, I only miss the mention of Iran or shiism or the odd reference to Robert Ménard and Moulay Hicham to feel completely at home.

The details are crushing in their indictment of the dastardly devious conjurors:

The program, which was broadcasted in Arabic, opens its space to voices that represent media and associations of the Moroccan regime (…)

The objectives of this dark conspiracy are almost too frightening for words:

the establishment of religious freedom for Jews and Christians

One of the ring-leaders of this conspiracy seems to have a carefully selected nom de guerre:

In addition, Ben Gurion Taghine, the charge of information (Chebek Algerian Jews), has asked to raise the issue of right of Israel for return

And if the conspiracy is taking place in Spain, it is part of a crafty French plan:

On the other hand and according to our sources, the movement for autonomy of Kabylia (MAK), headed by Ferhat Mehenni, is preparing for an international conference to draft the proclamation of the autonomy of Kabylia to be held to the Canary Islands, where took place the international congress of Tamazight. This will be organized with the help and support of French and Moroccan Jews official secret parts. This congress will be held far from the French capital to avoid a diplomatic crisis with Algiers.

Interpol is hereby forewarned. On another note, El Watan (1) has some serious catching up to do.

PS: Amazingly enough, Ferhat Mehenni doesn’t seem to appreciate the publicity.

PPS: Describing Ferhat Mehenni as an indefatigable militant of the Palestinian cause might be considered as slightly misleading:

Primo-Europe: Contrairement à d’autres parties de la population, on sent chez les Kabyles beaucoup de respect pour ce petit pays qu’est Israël. Comment l’expliquez-vous ?

Ferhat Mehenni : Les Kabyles, aux prises avec l’arabo-islamisme qui veut les dépersonnaliser et les assimiler, se défendent comme ils peuvent. Par sa résistance contre les pays arabes qui visent à le « démanteler », par sa bravoure devant ceux qui soutiennent notre oppression, Israël suscite respect. Mais attention ! Ce respect pour Israël n’empêche nullement la compassion pour des Palestiniens innocents, victimes d’exactions et de bavures israéliennes !

Primo-Europe: Le sionisme a-t-il une chance un jour d’être acceptée comme concept dans la pensée arabe ?

Ferhat Mehenni : Excusez-moi, mais je ne suis pas la personne la plus indiquée pour répondre à cette question. Vous aurez un avis plus autorisé d’un intellectuel arabe que je ne suis pas.

(1) For a substantial part of Moroccan public opinion, El Watan has become a by-word for the Algerian presse galonnée‘s chauvinism on Morocco-related issues.

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  1. May 31, 2009 16:33

    Good to see that this story finally gets some blog attention, or Kabyle children will all be singing the Hava Nagila in no time…

    En-Nahar’s website really is an amazing read. They publish the most awful anti-Semitic crap, mixed up with éradicateur bed tales about the impending collapse of al-Qaida, perfidious Evangelical missionaries, Zionist Berbers and Moroccan plots to sink Algeria in a swamp of hashish and terror. My favorite headline, which I think is still on their front page, ran something like “Raped by a CIA officer, married to a Jew”, and I’m not sure which they thought was worst. It’s like someone scraped all the slime off of Algerian nationalism and used it to print a paper.

    Point being, you need to be nicer to El Watan, which is quite readable in comparison.

    (Also, you need to chime in on the Fouad Ali el-Himma story below, since I can’t figure out what’s going on.)

  2. ibnkafka permalink
    June 1, 2009 05:46

    ““Raped by a CIA officer, married to a Jew”” – sounds like taken from The Onion or the National Enquirer “à la sauce algérienne”…

  3. June 17, 2009 12:31

    En-Nahar reveals … the Bucharest connection!


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