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Jamahiriya jamboree

June 8, 2009

1. Libya has nationalized the media outlets created by Seif el-Islam el-Qadhafi, shutting the tiny opening towards a media liberalization that existed. Magharebia has more, via The Arabist.

2. Omar Bongo of Gabon dies, finally making Muammar el-Qadhafi the world’s longest-ruling dictator. Mabrouk!

3. The Guide of the Revolution will make his first-ever visit to Italy, the former colonial power, which recently apologized for its semi-genocidal behavior in Libya during the Fascist occupation era. Relations have been shaky since, but considering how relations have been with the rest of the world, shaky was good. Now, growing economic ties, bundles of cash, and the shared crookdom of Berlusconi and Qadhafi seem to have laid the groundwork for a full rapprochement.


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