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Real estate statesmanship

October 5, 2009

the president-elect celebrating with his campaign staffersJust when you thought that joint Moroccan and Libyan backing for military juntas in West Africa had gone out of vogue, after Mauritania quieted down, enter Guinea-Conakry.

Cpt. Moussa Dadis Camara, who declared himself president on Christmas Eve 2008 — just in time to help himself to some gifts out of the national treasury — is your classic African despot: low-ranking army thug, riding a panzer-limo sort of vehicle, sporting a cherry beret, olive fatigues, plenty of medals and a pair of designer sunglasses, while ruling through a combination of fixed bayonet and foreign backing. A promotion to field marshal can’t be far away.

Now, since he’s been receiving some bad press for massacring protesters, he’s obviously anxious to underline his vast international support, pointing to how he’s being bankrolled by great nations like Morocco and Libya. King Mohammed VI has even, the captain claims, offered to build him “a private palace”. But what with him being a modest son of the people, he responded that he’s “fine for now.”

Probably a wise move. If the normal pattern of Maghrebine diplomacy stands, this means Algeria will soon offer to construct not just a palace, but throw in a private rollercoaster theme park, too, if he’ll just switch his stand on the Western Sahara conflict — and when Libya ups the bid, he’s looking at a future on Neverland Ranch. Until the next coup, that is.

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  1. Tidinit permalink
    October 6, 2009 02:01

    Bravo alle. That info on M6 and the king of African kings is interesting. Some “people” don’t care about others. This Dadis is the perfect clown. We thought that people like Idi Amin and françafrique were extict like dinosaurus. We were wrong …

    Giving responsibility to Blaise Compaoré to clean the mess in Guina-conakry is like doing the same thing with Wade for the mauritanian mess: Dedis will prevail or “they” will chose another less talkative captain. Vive la françafrique !

  2. October 6, 2009 06:31

    As reported by the site Afriqueguinée, Dadis Camara has already taken position on the conflict of Western Sahara : “My country welcomes so favorably the Moroccan initiative for the negotiation of a statu of autonomy of the region of the Western Sahara, quite as we repeat our support for the principle of single China and for the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula.”
    It seems that he has also received some money from China.

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