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title_unknown_deutschMaghreb Politics Review is a multi-author weblog about the politics of North Africa in an international relations context. MPR seeks a diversity of contributors with insight on the politics, culture, religion, economics, history, and current events of Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, the Western Sahara, Mali and Niger. The idea here is to shed brighter and broader light onto North Africa in English-speaking quarters, where the region is too often forgotten in conversation about the Muslim and Arab worlds, Mediterranean and broader Middle East. While the Maghreb figures more frequently into Francophone conversation, where there is much of value to be found, MPR hopes to serve to raise the quality of the discourse on and analysis of the region in English.

MPR does not seek ideological, political or religious consensus and the views of its contributors are theirs alone: No contributor necessarily upholds the views of another and none are responsible for the writings of others. Those interested in contributing should contact the administration at the following email address:

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  1. Ahmed ould Laghlal permalink
    June 13, 2009 18:50

    Good day

    My name is Ahmed Ould Laghlal
    I live in Russia and to find his family. On your site I found a reference to the names Laghlal, unfortunately I have no knowledge of the English language on the STF, I do not find me interesting information. If you have info on the family Laghlal please contact me at the e-mail: a.laglal @


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